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03 April 2009 @ 09:38 pm
Today's thing that makes me happy: T-SHIRTS

Oh how I love them. In this big ol' harsh world we live in, people tend to judge quickly and unfairly. Especially by appearances. SO, combat the suckiness of that with FREAKING AWESOME BEAUTIFUL CLEVER HILARIOUS t-shirts!

Thanks to the intertubes, creating/finding great shirts is totally easy. One of my favorite sites for doing this is threadless.com. All their shirts are user-submitted; anyone can upload a design. Then, the lovely community votes on said designs, and the Threadless staff chooses 10 or so of the higher-rated designs each week and MAKES THEM. It's a super-collaborative, active, constructive environment, there's even a section of the site where people can upload their rough designs and get feedback and critiques and ideas from everyone else.

The process goes quickly too; I've seen shirts go from initial voting to printing in less than a month, and it's always exciting when one of the shirts you've voted highly and marked "I'd buy!" gets printed. So, so fun and nifty and cool.

The site has great sales and contests and promotions all the time; just last week they had a huge $5 sale.

And now I shall show you a few of my favorite shirts, some of which I own, some I WANT TO OWN VERY BADLY:

So much accordion goodness!

I have this one, and it is gorgeous. ( :( I failed at spelling gorgeous 3 times)

Clever AND adorable!

HARD. CORE. MAN. So rad.


This one needs to be reprinted. It is fantastic.

Also, not too long ago, I won a gift certificate to customizedgirl.com via Twitter (one of the many, many excellent reasons why Twitter is awesome). I've been designing some stuff on there, and just ordered these four tonight:

I cannot WAIT to get them :D

What are some of you people's favorite tshirt sites/designs/whatnots?
baileylizzie on April 4th, 2009 04:17 am (UTC)
LOL, those t-shirts are so jokes! :D Seriously, awesome.
I think my favorite t-shirt website is David & Goliath (http://www.davidandgoliathtees.com/index.php) I've never actually bought anything from there but sometimes its fun to just go on and read all the funny ones, lol. :)
CARLZBAD: SPRINGSTEENfarmanimalsrock on April 4th, 2009 09:39 pm (UTC)

Also love the accordion!